Hello everyone,

A couple weeks ago, we released a song called “Broken Record.” Thank you all so much for all the kind words! If you haven’t heard it yet or seen the video shot by our own Jonboy, you can do so HERE.

In other news, we recently collected some of our Infinite Singles series for an album release on Sony Japan. The album is called  “ハーフ,” which roughly translates to “half,” but also is used in Japanese to describe someone of half-Asian descent. Sort of like the word “Hapa.” To celebrate the release, we’re also sharing the brand new music video for our new song “We’ll Be OK” which you can see HERE or below.

Don’t worry, all of the songs from the Japan release are already available worldwide (or in the case of a couple Japanese exclusive bonus tracks, will be available very soon!). We have some plans in the works for a physical release here as well, so more on that soon. Meanwhile, if you’re in Japan you can hear our new album HERE!

Will we see you at one of our shows in Japan? Tickets are available HERE.