Hey everyone!
Have you seen the OFFICIAL video for “Running In Circles” !?!
It’s on YouTube now, and you can watch it below.
Hope you love it as much as we do!

We are very excited to premiere the official video for “Running In Circles” over at The AV Club HERE!

Hey everyone!! We did a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” and u can hear it below~

Hi! Yesterday we recorded a cover of the Gin Blossom’s “Follow You Down” in Chris’ apartment & u can hear it below xo.

The latest album from POP ETC is now available!

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POP ETC Covers EP is now available on 7” vinyl via Turntable Kitchen. Limited edition – for details, please click here.

1. God Only Knows [Beach Boys]
2. Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go) [WHAM!]
3. Jessie’s Girl [Rick Springfield]
4. How Deep Is Your Love [The Bee Gees]


The official video for “Keep It For Your Own”!

When working with Brian (Danger Mouse) we all decided to come into the studio with absolutely nothing, to build something from scratch. This was the first time we had done something like this, but it also felt very appropriate, as we were in the habit of doing things completely different than we had in the past, working more collaboratively as a band than we ever had before. It was a very interesting experience. Brian is much more conscious of structure than I am. I think I usually end up letting the melody dictate the structure, trying to keep melodic flow. Brian likes to play with structure more. We tried countless different arrangements of this song, and finally found one that worked for all of us in a natural way. I really love how this song ended up, when I think back to the process of making it, it feels kind of mysterious. I’m not sure where exactly it came from.


“Keep It For Your Own” is now available for free on Tap Tap Revenge!

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Super excited that our new song “Speak Up” is released today on the Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part 2) soundtrack! The song is also featured in the film. You can get it on iTunes here … Hope you like it! enjoy, POP ETC

To listen to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack station: click here
Or check out the Twilight Mixtape: click here

Have you heard our cover of The Strokes’ “Last Nite”?!!??!?

Hello Brooklyn. We are playing you!


“Keep It For Your Own” is the iTunes FREE single of the week. Download it for free, then get the rest of the album?!? Deal!



Check out this interview POP ETC did with Idolator – CLICK HERE to read

Jay-Z’s Life & Times blog posted about us! cool!

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We are pleased to announce that our debut album as POP ETC is finally available! We are very proud of this record, and can’t wait for you to hear it.

Download on iTunes: click here

Purchase vinyl or CD: click here

1. New Life
2. Back To Your Heart
3. Halfway To Heaven
4. Keep It For Your Own
5. Live It Up
6. Everything Is Gone
7. R.Y.B.
8. Whyd You Do It Honey
9. I Wanna Be Your Man
10. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E
11. Yoyo

Featuring collaborations with Danger Mouse and Andrew Dawson

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