Time has been moving in strange ways lately
And everyone seems to be talking about how surreal life is these days
It’s a roller coaster, and occasionally it’s monotonous at the same time
I can never seem to make sense of the rhythm
Like a reoccurring dream that always ends a little too soon

We wrote a new song
I think it’s about this feeling
It’s called “Broken Record

You can listen to “Broken Record” on all platforms HERE and watch the official video below and HERE.


Hello friends,

Today we’ve got a surprise DOUBLE WHAMMY for ya!! A brand new song, called “Never In Love.” For those watching closely, you may recognize this song. We played it live a handful of times, as early as 3 or 4 years back. It took us some time to find the right way to treat it, but it finally clicked, and we’re very happy to share it with you. It’s streaming at all platforms. Click HERE to listen.

The 2nd piece is a video we made for last April’s track, “Losing Yourself.” As usual our very own Jon(boy) directed, shot and edited the video himself. You can watch that video HERE or by clicking the thumbnail below.

In other related news, Chris has been in the studio with Bear Hands, producing and helping write their next album! The first single “Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)” is out now, and in our totally unbiased opinion, it sounds amazing! Wouldn’t ya know, Jon(boy) directed the video for it, too!! Watch and listen right HERE.

As always, you can be the top of all new POP ETC songs by pre-saving all music HERE.

More soon.


A couple days ago we gave you our November song “Sleight Of Hand,” and now here’s a video for it too! You can watch it below or HERE. Enjoy 🙂

We also did a nice little interview with the fine people over at Atwood Magazine, talking about this new song and video. Read that over HERE.

Hello friends,

Starting today we’re going to be releasing new POP ETC music every month for the foreseeable future. We’re not sure when in the month, or what the songs will be, but we know that we will have a steady stream of new music coming out all the time. For a long time we’ve written songs with albums in mind, and while we still love the album format and plan to release albums in the future, right now it feels exciting and inspiring to change up our rhythm a bit. We’re calling it the “Infinite Singles Collection” but each of these new releases will kind of be its own thing, and we’ll be trying lots of different ideas as we go. We’re excited to see how things develop, and can’t wait to hear from you guys! So here’s the first song. It’s called “Fingerprints” and you can hear it HERE. We hope you love it as much as we do.

OH, we also made a Spotify pre-save button so that you can automatically get sent all of our new songs from the “Infinite Singles Collection” every month. All you have to do is click HERE and follow the steps. So go do that!! 

Much more soon 🙂


Just put up an acoustic demo of our latest jam “Outside Looking In” ~




A *few days ago* we released the official video for “Your Heart Is A Weapon,” and now, SURPRISE!!, Mr Weebl has made an animated video for “Your Heart Is A Weapon” !!

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Weebl here’s a bit more info about him ~

You may not immediately recognize the name Jonathan “Jonti” Picking, otherwise known as Weebl or Mr. Weebl, but his creations helped guide and shape early internet videos and memes into what they are today. Surely you remember the days when you could not escape or forget about his video of badgers doing calisthenics with mushrooms and a “snaaaake” in the background. included it in their 11 moments that would have “won the internet” if they had happened today. Or maybe you are one of the nearly 49 million people to watch his playful song and video about the mysterious aquatic animals, the narwhals, “swimming in the ocean” that grabbed you. Weebl is also the genius behind Weeble and Bob, two animated egg-shaped creatures who have shared their love of pie with millions of people in over 100 animated episodes including six made for MTV Europe. Weebl’s imagination has led to dozens of animated series about lovable characters and in his newest creation, a trio of animated hearts find friendship and adventure while soundtracked by POP ETC’s “Your Heart Is A Weapon”!!!

First off, it’s been almost a year since Souvenir was released and we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and positivity throughout 2016. Getting your messages and hearing from you guys every day is what keeps us going, and we honestly wouldn’t be here without you. Knowing that our music affects you is a truly humbling and incredible thing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Second, we made a new video for our song “Your Heart Is A Weapon” and you can see it now! It features our very talented, dear friend, and occasional touring member Tam Visher, who you may have seen playing keyboard with us at some point in the last couple years.

The video was shot mostly in Hong Kong and surrounding areas, shortly after we toured in Japan this past summer. Our goal was to make a video that is fun and light hearted, but also captures the loneliness of the song’s lyrics, as the man in the video dances through a foreign city all alone, largely ignored by the people passing by. The setting of Hong Kong was obviously a huge factor visually as well. It was a beautiful backdrop for the video and we had an amazing time traveling there.

Lastly, I know this is a little late but…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We have big plans for 2017 and can’t wait to get started.

More coming soon…

Much love,

As a lot of you know, Japan is kind of our home away from home. We’ve spent a fair amount of time there as a band, and Chris has worked there as a producer and songwriter on a wide range of projects from bands to J-POP to anime soundtracks. Going to Japan more these last few years has only deepened our love for the country and its culture. This past summer we were lucky enough to return and play the Summer Sonic festival in Osaka and Tokyo, along with a handful of solo dates in Tokyo. We got to play alongside Radiohead and Sakanaction. We were reconnected with old friends. We ate a lot of ramen. We made a little video of the trip and watching it now makes us all miss Japan…. we can’t wait to go back!!!

We are extremely excited to share with you our nightmare cooking show video for “Vice” ! It premiered yesterday on Food Republic and you can watch it below now.

Feel free to follow along in your own kitchen! 


We made a little clip for each song from Souvenir and put together this “Track By Track” video. Some of them are serious, some are funny, some of them are just weird. We’ll be releasing more webisodes about the songs in the future, but for now we’d love to hear what the songs mean to you. So if you feel like it, check out the video below and drop us a line in the comments on YouTube!
We’re touring North America with Banners and The Moth & The Flame. We’d love to see you out there. Tickets are on sale here.
And last but not least, if you haven’t gotten Souvenir yet, we still have some deluxe bundles in our store, with limited edition shirts, vinyl, etc.

we were young when we fell in love for the first time, and we felt invincible. for a moment, everything made sense. all the pieces fit together. we moved quickly and the lights kept turning green. but as the momentum grew, the world became disorienting. we could only focus on one distant point at a time, and that point had to be the same for both of us.

life moves slower now, without you. i know we can never go back to the way things were, and i know that is my fault. but if you’re out there and you happen to see this-
please, don’t forget me.

We filmed a bunch of footage while making our new album, and we’ve cut it up into a handful of segments called the “Souvenir Archives.” Here’s the 3rd episode where we go for a drive, sing along to “You Can Call Me Al,” and talk about writing “Vice” in the car.

Today Souvenir is finally out in the world (Vinyl & CD // iTunes // Spotify // SoundCloud). We decided to take our time with this one, making a promise to ourselves that we wouldn’t release ANYTHING until all three of us felt like we had put every ounce of our hearts and souls into it. It is a very personal record for us, at times about frustration and loss, but ultimately about realizing and embracing how unpredictable life can be in all its beautifully messy glory. We hope you enjoy it, and we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, new fans and old, for supporting us and giving us the incredible opportunity to make music every day.


P.S. Tickets to our tour just went on sale HERE. We hope to see you on the road!!


The official video for “Keep It For Your Own”!

When working with Brian (Danger Mouse) we all decided to come into the studio with absolutely nothing, to build something from scratch. This was the first time we had done something like this, but it also felt very appropriate, as we were in the habit of doing things completely different than we had in the past, working more collaboratively as a band than we ever had before. It was a very interesting experience. Brian is much more conscious of structure than I am. I think I usually end up letting the melody dictate the structure, trying to keep melodic flow. Brian likes to play with structure more. We tried countless different arrangements of this song, and finally found one that worked for all of us in a natural way. I really love how this song ended up, when I think back to the process of making it, it feels kind of mysterious. I’m not sure where exactly it came from.

Watch Chris’ acoustic performance of “How Deep Is Your Love” at Vacant Gallery in Tokyo. “How Deep Is Your Love” was originally recorded by The Bee Gees.

Watch Chris perform “Keep It For Your Own” at an acoustic session in Tokyo!

Hey everyone! We’ve been in the middle of making a new album, but in the meantime here’s a video of Chris playing “Halfway To Heaven” at an acoustic show in Tokyo.



the other day we recorded a special acoustic version of our song “Halfway To Heaven” … and here it is!!
love, POP ETC

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Here’s a little holiday gift for yall- Our cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” !!
love you all!!!

Check out this acoustic version we did of our song “Speak Up” !

Official Music Video for “Speak Up”